QatarDebates Center to launch the first-ever debating and Islamic sciences program!

Master of Arts in Debating in Comparative Fik’h

QatarDebates Center and Tunisian Ez-Zitouna University Partner to Offer Unique Debate and Islamic Sciences Program

About the program

The QatarDebates Center, in partnership with the Tunisian Ez-Zitouna University, a research Master in Islamic Sciences, entitled “Debating in Comparative Fik’h”.

This would be the first specialized academic program that combines debating and Islamic sciences.

Unique Debating Skills

This program aims at leveraging debating tools and critical thinking skills to study specific topics in Islamic Sciences, mainly in Comparative Fik’h.

Become a Critical Thinker

The program achieves a unique integration between the experience of the QatarDebates Center specialized in developing students’ skills in the fields of critical thinking, problem resolution, and communication, on the one hand, and the experience of one of the oldest and most prominent academic institutions in the domain of Human Sciences, on the other.

Important Dates

Program Objectives, Components, Target Groups, and FAQs



The “Research Master in Islamic Sciences: Debating in Comparative Fik’h” program 3 main axes:

Target Groups

In selecting the candidates, the QatarDebates Centeris is prioritizing 3 groups:

Frequently Asked Questions

They are scheduled to be announced in July

The main campus will be the Higher Institute of Islamic Sciences in Kairouan, a component of Ez-Zitouna University, where students’ attendance is required.

What is required is a general knowledge of debating, not experience in it

You will receive a confirmation email as soon as you apply