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QatarDebate - 2019

US Arabic Debating Championship




As part of our efforts to create platforms for dialogue, spread the culture of debate across the world and to enhance the role of the Arabic language in different societies, QatarDebate is introducing this championship which is the first of its kind in the United States.



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THBT secondary education should focus on preparing students for local workforce needs rather than focusing on well-rounded basic education (i.e.literature, art, history)
Given the dichotomy, THBT animal rights activists should focus on the environmental impacts that meat consumption has on humans, rather than empathy for animals.
THBT International media should portray the scale of protests against dictators in an exaggerated manner
THW break up big tech companies (Amazon, Facebook, Google)
THS the Democratic Party's move to impeach Trump
THBT humanitarian organization should give funding, resources and/or services to illegal armed groups when made a condition to accessing vulnerable children
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