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QatarDebate - IUDC 2019

International Universities Debating Championship's 2019

IUDC 2019

QatarDebate is pleased to announce its 5th International Universities Debating Championship in Doha, Qatar which will be conducted for six days

The purpose of this event is to bring together young Arabic and non-Arabic speaking debaters from Europe, North America, Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia. The forum is a rich gathering that can be distinguished from other academic activities as it features a fusion of diverse cultures, ethnicities, and ideologies. Global debate gatherings are unique in terms of allowing people from different parts of the world with their diverse backgrounds to understand another’s point of view. Debaters question their pre-conceived notions and stereotypes and this inculcates tolerance and better understanding of the how they see the world.

In preparation for this major event, QatarDebate Centre is organizing a Training of Trainers (ToT) workshop in Doha. The aim of this training is to equip teachers and trainers with the necessary skills to select and train students upon return to their respective institutions.

Registrations are now open for the 5th IUDC. Registrations will be confirmed strictly on a first come first serve basis upon payment of the registration fees. Please refer the Technical Regulations 
To register, please visit the online registration form. For more information.

Kindly get in touch with our Events department at qdbusinesssupport@qf.org.qa or call us on (+974) 4454 2316 / 4454 0441 for any further information.

Official Teams

Participants and results

  • Winners  
  • Top Speakers  


Open Category


1st placePrincess Sumaya University for Technology - Jordan
2nd placeQatar University - Boys
3rd placeUniversity Amar Telidji – Laghouat - Algeria
4th placeHarvard University


Arabic as a second language


1st placeIslamic Science University of Malaysia
2nd placeUniversity of Calgary - Canada

Top Speakers

Open Category


1st placeZahra Naji – Tunis El Manar University
2nd placeMohammed Misbah Alshames - University of Tripoli
2nd placeHodhaifah Alsogi - Misurata University
3rd placeAbdul Rahim Bin Ellias – International Islamic University of Malaysia
4th placeAyat Waleed Alsaify – Qatar University
5th placeZahieh AbuAloush – Jordan University
6th placeIchrak Jebali - Tunis El Manar University
7th placeAhmad Shakib OdetAllah – Jordan University
8th placeMohamed AlKhunfas - Misurata University
9th placeAlharith Ateegalla – University of Khartoum
10th placeAlya Al-Kawari – Qatar University


Arabic as a second language


1st placeMuhammad Muzakkir Bin Ahmad Dali - Islamic Science University of Malaysia
2nd placeSuwaibah Binti Mustapha - Islamic Science University of Malaysia
3rd placezehra çelik - Mardin Artuklu University
4th placeJudyta Kwapiszewska - Kazimierz Wielki University
5th placeHYUNSEOK OH – Hankuk University of Foreign Studies


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