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QatarDebate - How to become a Debater

If you want to talk the talk, you first got to walk the walk.

If you’re a student between 12 to 22, all you have to do to become a debater is:

  • Find out which of your teachers is the school’s debate coordinator. If one of your teachers is already running a debate club in school, join the club. Practice debating with your teammates and stay connected to QatarDebate activities through your teacher.
  • If your school does not have a debate club or coordinator, contact us at qatardebate@qf.org.qa. We can include you in our mailing list and you will receive our regular newsletters dedicated to keeping you up-to-date about our events.
  • If we see you are interested, we will definitely make arrangements to visit your school and share the virtues of debate with your teachers. Plus, we will help set up a debate club through trainings and workshops.

If you’re an adult keen on debate, simply:

Email us at qatardebate@qf.org.qa. As long as you can dedicate time, effort and knowledge to QatarDebate community, we will register your name in our database as a potential judge.

We will also provide training and hands-on experience through workshops and tournaments. After we've certified you as Judge, you will be invited to judge tournaments to build your experience. Since no debate can take place without a judge, your contributions will shape both yourself and the debate community significantly.