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7th International Universities Debating Championship

25 - 29 May, 2024

The world’s largest and most prestigious Arabic Debate Competition – the International Universities Debating Championship (IUDC), is returning for its 7th iteration on May 2024.

Organized by QatarDebate, IUDC is a global event which gathers students from all corners of the world for one celebrated purpose – competitive debating. Here, they engage in meaningful discourse about the most pressing societal challenges and global issues which affect us all. Uniquely, this Championship is held entirely in Arabic and boasts a unique platform not only for students to engage in critical discourse using the Arabic language, but for Arab-speaking students from all walks of life to converge on a common stage and learn about each other’s cultures.   

In what will likely be a testament to the ability of the Arabic language to unite communities, this 7th edition of IUDC is expected to attract over 600 participants from all around the globe. The Championship will take place over five days of intense competitions, where teams will attempt to best one another on a variety of themes and topics.

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The 7th IUDC

The 7th iteration of the International Universities Debating Championship is back to its home country, Doha. More than 600 participants will be joining in the biggest Arabic debate event in the world and competing for the 7th IUDC title.

The World Meets in Doha for the IUDC7

Get ready for a global clash of intellect! Over 100 teams from the world’s top universities will converge to compete for the coveted IUDC title. This is your chance to witness the future leaders of tomorrow debate some of the most pressing issues facing our world. Prepare to be inspired by the power of words and ideas at IUDC7!


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7th IUDC Details


25 - 29 May, 2024




QNCC - Doha, Qatar


100 teams from 50 countries

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Technical Details

Participation Eligibility

  1. The team consists of 3 debaters, and 1 additional debater can be registered (the organizer does not cover the travel expenses for the additional participant of the accepted team, but the organizer will provide visa, internal transportation, and accommodation for them during the tournament).
  2. Each debater must be between the age of 18-26 on the date of the tournament.
  3. Debaters must be enrolled as undergraduate students of the registered University. An official letter from university should be provided as proof.

Fees & Scholarships

The Registration fee is USD750 Per team.

1st Phase of team selection

    • The two best winning teams from countries that host a national tournament in collaboration with the Qatar Debates Center.
    • One team from other countries that do not host national tournaments. In case of multiple applications, the organizing committee has the right to choose the team it deems suitable for participation.

Additional Participations (Teams and Coaches):

  1. Additional 2 teams (Semifinalist) from countries which organize the National Tournament and 1 additional team from other countries are allowed to participate and will have their registration fees waived but must bear the costs of their own flight tickets and accommodation for the tournament.
  2. Additional coaches and coordinators are allowed to participate, but must do so at their own cost (i.e. for flights; accommodation; meals).
  3. Judges selected by the QatarDebate are exempted from registration fees, and their travel and accommodation expenses will be covered.
  4. The final approval for a team is granted only after the payment of participation fees within the specified period.

More details can be found in the technical guidelines document, please read the document before registering. 

The Grand Final & Closing Ceremony

Witness the world’s brightest minds battle it out for the coveted IUDC title and celebrate the spirit of debate at this prestigious event.

Wednesday, 29 May 2024

10:00 am – 1:00 pm

Qatar National Convention Center (QNCC) – Almayassa

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Teams that wish to take part in the 7th International Universities Arabic Debating Championship can either register directly and go through the registration process, or be part of a national championship, where the top teams from the championship will qualify to participate in the 7th IUDC.

National debate organizations and approved debate clubs can submit a proposal to host a national debate championship.

For any inquires: qatardebate@qf.org.qa

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