Local Programs

A wide range of programs and debating activities throughout the year

Local Programs

QatarDebate offers a wide range of programs and debating activities throughout the year, from organizing tournaments to holding training workshops, all in the aim of developing the community and shaping the leaders of tomorrow. We provide activities for school students, university students, and working professionals.




Qatar Universities Debate League (QUDL)QatarDebate organizes a series of leagues and a national championship for university students.All the universities within Qatar compete with each other throughout the year for the chance to win the league title and the national championship title.To participate in the QUDL please contact the debate club at your university, or if your university doesn’t have a debate club please contact us at: qdep@qf.org.qa




Qatar Schools Debate League (QSDL)Throughout the academic year QatarDebate holds a number of debate leagues and national championships for school students. The tournaments are held separately for girls and boys and for different stages (secondary, perpetual)Hundreds of schools from all around Qatar participate in our tournaments and compete with each other for the QSDL title.To participate in the QSDL please contact your school’s debate coordinator, or email us at: qdep@qf.org.qa



Workshops and Training Sessions

Our debate programs are fun, educational and enriching for students, teachers and working professionals. Focusing on debates and its related activities, we have aligned our program with the academic calendar for everyone’s convenience.QatarDebate holds various workshops and training sessions aimed at developing certain skills such as overcoming stage fright, public speaking skills, research, and persuasion skills. In addition to technical debating skills, such as argumentation, motion analysis, and rebuttals.Please visit our Events page to stay updated with our latest workshops.

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