Oasis of Dialogue

QatarDebate Center introduces the “Oasis of Dialogue”, a constructive platform for dialogue and exchanging ideas, seeking to build a positive interactive format based on the acknowledgment and respect of opposing views, through an interactive session centered on three main groups that include experts, specialists, academics or researchers, in addition to youth debaters who are infused in the topic at hand along with the audience as their input will be included in the outputs of the session.

The Oasis of Dialogue discuses various areas of interest, dealing with the most prominent matters that societies face and the issues and events they live. The oasis provides a platform for exchanging ideas actively to promote the idea of free speech and open dialogue.

The Oasis of Dialogue aims to enrich the exchange of ideas, assess opinions, and accept different views through a sophisticated human interaction, and to formulate recommendations and outputs that pushes the wheel of development forward.

The thesis of the participating guests will be formulated as discussion papers and published on our digital platforms, along with the recommendations and the summary of the session that took place.

Explore the Sessions

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