Oasis of Dialogue: 2nd Episode

Qatar's Economy: Strengths & Weaknesses

Oasis of Dialogue

2nd Episode

QatarDebate hosts the “Oasis of Dialogue” to provide a constructive environment for dialogue and exchange of ideas, seeking to build a positive interactive platform based on discovering and respecting others, through an effective circle comprising experts, specialists and authors of research or analytical writings, in addition to young debaters with opinions, perceptions and interest in the topics in question.

The areas of dialogue in the Oasis are many and varied, addressing the most prominent thoughts of societies and their elites, and the issues and events they live in at all levels. The Oasis also follows the method of active reciprocal dialogue away from monopolizing the talk platform or the source of the proposal for a party or a party.

The Oasis of Dialogue also aims to enrich the space of ideas, test opinions and see the mind of the other through sophisticated human interaction, and to formulate recommendations and conclusions that push the wheel of thinking and development forward, on the basis of the major commonalities of acceptance and respect.


In the second episode of Oasis of Dialogue, our distinguished guests discussed the local economy at the present time, in addition to discussing the strengths and deficiencies in the Qatari economy, the role of the private sector in diversifying sources of income, supporting the local economy, and many other matters related to the Qatari economy.

Moderator of the session

Guest Speakers

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Dr. Khaled Alkhater

Researcher in Monetary Policy and Political Economy, Ph.D. in Economics, University of California, and a Research Fellow at the University of Cambridge.

His research interests include monetary policy, exchange rate policy, macroeconomic policies, economic diversification in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, and the political economy of the rentier state. International as a lecturer and speaker.

Dr. Anoud Almadeed

Assistant Professor of Economics at Qatar University.
She received her Ph.D. in Economics and Finance with the Innovation and Impact Award from Brunel University in London. She has worked as a fellow at the Qatar Center for International and Regional Studies at Georgetown University.







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