Oasis of Dialogue: U.S. Edition

Youth for Palestine

Oasis of Dialogue

3rd Episode

This year as part of the US Outreach Program, QatarDebate will hold the U.S. edition of our “Oasis of Dialogue” series. The Oasis of Dialogue provides a platform for exchanging ideas actively to promote the idea of free speech and open dialogue and aims to enrich the exchange of ideas and assess opinions.

The 3rd episode of the Oasis of Dialogue series centered on the youth in an engaging discussion focusing on Palestine.

The guest speakers focused on the importance of using the right language, and framing when discussing Palestine as crucial content for youth activists to use in reclaiming the narrative.

The changing role of youth activists especially in relation to traditional political figures and representatives, and visibility and representation and positioning Palestinian voices

More importantly speakers talked about how to build upon the momentum gained to create meaningful change in the Palestinian case.

Moderator of the session

Guest Speakers


Mohammed El-Kurd

Mohammad El-Kurd is a Palestinian activist, born and raised in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah.

Since the tender age of 11, he has been challenging narratives about Palestinian resistance, with a remarkable social media presence, he is one of the most recognized young voice inspiring the Palestinian diaspora.

Mohammad named in TIME magazine’s 2021 annual list of the 100 most-influential people in the world.

Hanna Barakat

Hanna Barakat is a Los Angeles-born Palestinian-American runner from Anabta. This summer she was one of five Palestinians selected to represent Palestine at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, where she competed in the 100-meter sprint and set the national record for Palestine. She also holds the Palestinian national record in the 200m and 400meter-sprints, which she accomplished at the Arab Athletics Championships in Tunisia in 2021. She is passionate about utilizing her platform to inspire other Palestinian women and youth to become involved in athletics.

Off the track, Hanna attends Brown University, where she majors in International Development Studies. She is set to graduate this year with honors and is writing a thesis on digital-colonialism and crowdsourced geospatial analysis in Palestine. She is planning on pursuing a Ph.D. in Information Sciences.


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