Oasis of Dialogue - 5th Episode

Relationships Fluidity: The Family in a Globalized World

Oasis of Dialogue

5th Episode

The disintegration of the family system, the separation of generations, the polarization of public debate, the importation of Western culture, the decline/extremism of references, the spread of psychological problems, the weakness of the Arabic language, and many other pressing challenges facing society in the current era.

They all start from one foundation, which is the change in the nature of social relations in the twenty-first century, starting with the change in the form and nature of the family system, and ending with the change in major social institutions such as language, religion, culture, the state, and society as a whole.

This is in addition to the Western influence that virtual spaces carry, as they facilitate communication with the entire world, and the West in particular, and the resulting rapprochement, or complete and unconscious adoption, of the Western society system and its values, or on the other hand, a complete rejection of everything that is Western and a demand for closure on local culture to preserve it.

This episode of Oasis of Dialogue presents a basic and important discussion about social relations in the twenty-first century and all the problems that result from it. The episode discusses relations from different authorities and different opinions in society. Accordingly, the analysis of various phenomena in society, whether family, technology, public discourse, feminism, psychological challenges, culture, and the “Westernization” of society.

Moderator of the session

Guest Speakers


Prof. Hussein Mahadeen

Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences at Mutah University, and a Professor of Sociology.

Dr. Heba Ezzat

Professor of political theory at Ibn Khaldun University in Turkey, and researcher in political sociology


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