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The Elite Academy is a program organized by QatarDebate with the purpose of training a number of selected young debaters who were chosen to participate in the “Elite Debate Academy”, to sharpen their training skills and prepare them to establish debate clubs according to QatarDebate’s standards, with the aim of disseminating the Arabic debate culture around the globe.

In the Elite Academy, we focus on providing participants with systematic training sessions to to be able to provide their students with sufficient information and to master a set of skills and train them on using them accordingly, in accordance with the vision and objectives of QatarDebate center.

The academy aims to provide participants with suitable resources to be fit to answer all related questions, and train students to become great debaters who acquire a set of useful skills such as deep analysis (critical thinking), and the ability to build a sound logic based on facts and without irrational assumptions or logical fallacies.

Elite Academy Vision

To work on the unique experience of benefiting from a group of selected young people who are ambitious and active in the field of debates, under the umbrella of QatarDebate center, in order to support its objective and implement its mission.

Elite Academy mission

Train youth cadres who are ambitious to develop and elevate in the field of debates, and present programs and projects in line with the standards of QatarDebate.

Elite Academy objectives

QatarDebate aims from the Elite Academy to:


  1. Develop and qualify a number of active youths who have the ability to disseminate the culture of Arabic debates in their countries, and follow up with the provided activities. Also be able to widen the number of people interested in debating and its related skills, and become resources that QatarDebate can depend on in establishing debate clubs in various educational institutes around the globe.
  2. Select individuals with high competencies in communication, strategic planning and leadership to be able to achieve one of QatarDebate’s most important goals, to disseminate the Arabic debate culture to the whole world.
  3. Continue to promote and encourage learning and practicing the art of debates, till it becomes an effective way of enriching learners capabilities, and refining their talents through various training and competitive activities.
  4. Stay in touch with debate activists after training them, with everything that is new about debates or its rules.
  5. Continuous development of the programs and training curriculums to keep up with all the changes in the debate world, and bring them in line with QatarDebate’s strategy. This will deepen the sense of importance in trainers, and confirm QatarDebate’s confidence in their abilities.
  6. Following up with the outcomes, as a result of the ‘Training the Trainers’ participants received to achieve the academy’s objectives.
  7. Giving the chance for trainers to explore and discover their individual leadership styles, and develop their personalities, skills, and capabilities, thus fulfilling QatarDebate’s slogan “Debaters today, leaders tomorrow”.

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