Debaters from Qatar, Kuwait and Oman participate in the “Debate Summer Camp”
June 29, 2020 0

QatarDebate Center hosts a camp to enrich dialogue and deepen knowledge content in discussing issues

Doha – QatarDebate

Based on the approach of QatarDebate Center – a member of the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development – to achieve its mission and objectives in increasing the capacity of youth on the skills of advanced argumentation.

The Center organizes a summer camp remotely, for high school students with the participation of three countries, namely the Sultanate of Oman and the State of Kuwait and the State of Qatar. Where the training of this camp is done with modernity and in line with the emerging catastrophes that sweep the world as a result of COVID19 pandemic crisis.

The camp is a new founded platform and a window for youth to develop advanced argumentation skills and their knowledge of the issues that will help them argue well by providing a learning environment encouraging discussion with the argumentation practice in 10 different tours between the teams and the use of the stimulating system.

In its methodology, the camp also adopts interactive workshops and discussions aiming at enriching dialogue and deepening the knowledge content through a course on dialogue management skills and seminars in cooperation with the Al-Jazeera Media Institute. 

The camp is also preceded by an introductory meeting that includes all the participants who got acquainted with the program of the camp and the organizers’ full explanation of the tasks of each of the center’s ambassadors and trainers on selecting issues, determining grades and results. This is along with knowledge content, selecting arbitrators, allocating halls, answering the inquiries of the participants in addition to sending feedback in the end of each day and the announcement of enrichment material containing articles and videos to understand the workshops and raise the level of discussion.

The camp represents an incubator to hone the talents of young people by communicating with creative academic, scientific and social personalities, with the aim of deepening concepts and reasons for success and excellence, and providing them with the skills of transition from negative to positive and from individual to team work, and motivating students to provoke thinking that interests by solving more than one problem and turning the crisis into an opportunity, and supporting their talents and skills in creativity and innovation. 

Also, 30 debaters will take part in the camp from three countries. They are supported by 30 trainers who use their expertise and experience to develop students’ skills in how to build position and formulate the argument and refute the evidence.

For his part, Mr. Abdulrahman Al Subaie – Head of Outreach Programs, at QatarDebate said: “QatarDebate is keen on organizing high-quality programs in presentation and content and this is what we seek through the summer camp in which includes the best debaters at the Gulf level and the best trainers on the level of the Arab world. Therefore, the activities of the training camp include programs of a variety of workshops, debates and sessions of arbitration through which trainees get support and guidance  in multiple issues such as law and justice, and ethics in medicine and internet, as well as on the economic issues that concern countries of the participants and the region”.

He also points out, saying: “Students will be evaluated at the end of the camp by short tests and making proposals for projects of students. Each team will be asked according to what was taught in the camp, with creative solutions of the issues raised in the camp.

He also pointed out that the camp is an educational way, aiming to train students and provide them with social skills that enable them to address some of the situations facing communities and world development. Also, it aims at helping them document human relations and how to find creative and innovative solutions to the problems using the experiences of patriotic youth, enhancing the spirit of cooperation and teamwork among the three countries through sharing experiences.

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