Path Academy, a year-long virtual program for high school students
October 13, 2020 0

QatarDebate launches the first phase of “Path Academy” with the participation of 22 high school students

Doha – Qatar Debates

In continuation of the success of the summer debate camp, QatarDebate Center – a member of the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development – will launch the “Path Academy” with the participation of 22 students representing 3 countries, namely “Qatar, Kuwait and the Sultanate of Oman.” Communication would be established between students and organizers, who are “from Qatar: Mr. Abdal-Rahman al-Kubaisi, Mr. Saad al-Assad, and Mr. Muhammad Khader; and from Kuwait: Mr. Fahad al-Subaie and Mr. Bader al-Shatti; and from the Sultanate of Oman: Mr. Salem al-Shammakhi and Ms. Hawa al-Jaradi and Mr. Hamza al-Sioufi”, from Georgetown University.

With an innovative approach, along with international developments in the conditions of social-distancing during COVID 19, QatarDebate launches the “Path Academy” to embrace its first batch of distance learning over the course of an entire year with the aim of training a distinguished batch of debaters who participated in the summer debate camp, which has been educational and recreational through interactive programs.

The “Path Academy” follows the methodology adopted by the QatarDebate in the summer camp after it was met with positive response and feedback. This methodology succeeded in creating a stimulating educational environment for the participants to continue to communicate and deepen their desires to learn more, develop their own skills, and raise the level of knowledge.

Consequently, it was necessary to become familiar with the new situation and to continue communication distantly through methods characterized by seriousness and modernity.

The Center also seeks, through the Academy, to build a generation of debaters aware of their reality, rooted in their identity, and contribute to building their community responsibly, by providing an educational training program that continues throughout an academic year that achieves integration between the art of debate, general knowledge, life experiences and the skills necessary to build the personality of high school students in the three countries. The activities of the academy are centered around five basic values: respect, cooperation, responsibility, love of learning, and belonging.

The Academy’s program, in its first phase, is based on theoretical workshops on politics, environment, law, economics and other various issues, in addition to practical workshops and a panel discussion on Gulf history and society and another on literature and art.

For his part, Mr. Abdulrahman Al-Subaie – Head of Outreach Programs Department at QatarDebate – explained that Path Academy will be in three phases. The first phase will be of 4 months starting from September 19 to December and concludes with a proposed gathering in the State of Kuwait. The second phase will start in January until March with a proposed hypothetical gathering in the State of Qatar. Finally, the third phase will be for a period of 4 months from April to July 2021, and the gathering, God willing, will be in the Sultanate of Oman.

Al-Subaie added: “The academy is an opportunity for young people to learn and acquire exceptional knowledge and skills in various fields, and to present them for discussion in civilized ways with the experts of the center’s trainers and ambassadors. Moreover, it is a stage towards establishing university debates with advanced scientific and professional foundations that achieve the goals of the center, which strives to provide the best programs for youth debate.


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