QatarDebate is ready to kickoff the 3rd batch of the Elite Academy
July 24, 2019 0

Doha – QatarDebate

QatarDebate – a member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development – is preparing to launch the third batch of the Elite Academy from September 21-28, 2019 in Doha / State of Qatar.

In this regard, Mr. Abdul Rahman Al-Subaie, Head of Programs, Communication and Marketing Department at QatarDebate, indicated that the Elite Academy nourished the idea of ​​the spread of debate that moves societies, shapes values, and consolidates the principles of organized dialogue.

A number of participants in the international tournaments organized by the center had the desire to continue their journey in spreading the culture of debate after graduation. The establishment of the academy and investing the skills of this group of young people was the basic building block for approving their projects and implementation plans.

He added: “The number of participants in the Elite Academy – the third batch – reached 40 people representing 23 countries, including 13 countries participating for the first time, including “America – Bulgaria – Ukraine – Thailand – Sweden – Pakistan – Belgium – Canada and … etc.”

He continued: “The interaction of educational institutions in various countries during the international championships for schools and universities debates organized by the center and the various programs and activities earned the center a good reputation worldwide, and prompted many to join the Elite Academy and present innovative projects worthy of the Medal of Excellence.”

In addition to the strong Qatari presence of young elites who are qualified and experienced in the field of debates, due to its importance in their lives, which prompted them to engage in it.”

Stressing that the center has become, through the Elite Academy, the primary incubator for youth energies in the world to spread the culture of debate in their countries after selecting the elite through the projects presented, noting the cooperation with local and international bodies to stimulate this field,

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