QatarDebate strengthens ties with US universities
January 9, 2019 0

Doha: A delegation from QatarDebate visited five universities in the US to strengthen ties for future corporation.  

They visited the University of Utah, University of Western Kentucky, University of Chicago, Harvard University and New York University. Several meetings were held with universities officials to discuss forms of cooperation with QatarDebate after the growing demand of the Arabic debates among students which was generated by participations in previous international events hosted by QatarDebate.

Abdulrahman Al Subaie  Head of Outreach at QatarDebate  said, “QatarDebate center plays a leading role in spreading the Arabic language internationally through educating the art of debate.” 

Al Subaie explained that some universities expressed their aspiration to organise a debate competition in Arabic with the support of QatarDebate Center, whereby QatarDebate will support the academic institutions with trainers, educational materials and arbitrators with the aim of becoming on going events in the US. 

It was also agreed with multiple universities to sign memorandums of understanding in the aim to strengthen develop ties with QatarDebate. 

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