QatarDebate & The Ministry of Sports & Youth Organize a Public Debate
August 20, 2023 0

A public debate titled: “role of social media platforms in promoting extremist ideas”

Doha – QatarDebate

QatarDebate organized a public debate in cooperation with the Ministry of Sports and Youth on Wednesday morning, August 16, 2023 at Lusail Hall, in the presence of a large number of department directors and heads of departments in the Ministry of Sports and Youth, QatarDebate and some other government institutions.

The debaters discussed a pressing issue of concern to our world in general, which is “the role of social media in spreading extremist ideas” and the promotion of intellectual extremism and its most prominent motives and how to confront it.

The two groups also discussed focusing on the causes of extremist ideas and the contents supporting it, and working to disseminate preventive information for this thought, by providing youth with skills to confront intellectual extremism, and instilling the principles of focusing on the importance of intellectual dialogue.

While emphasizing that social media is an undeniable reality, but the biggest danger lies in the lack of verification of the credibility of information and the need for censorship and awareness spread through electronic platforms, The debate was preceded by a two-day training workshop organized by QatarDebate for the speakers, which included developing the participants’ dialogue skills, building capacities and being able to discuss issues in general.

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