QatarDebate activates remote working
March 30, 2020 0


Doha – QatarDebate

As part of our measures to minimize COVID-19 in Qatar, QatarDebate Center (QD) a member of Qatar Foundation (QF), has activates remote work to put in force Qatar Foundation initiative to enhance work and comply with standards and recommendations to ensure the success of far off work.


Dr. Hayat Maarafi – Executive Director, QatarDebate

Dr. Hayat Maarafi said that QatarDebate is continuing its plans of training workshops for Adjudicators, coaches and students on-line and eager to provide the best methods to enhance the visions and goals of the State of Qatar and the foundation.

in addition to the ongoing meetings through Teams program and direct contact with the employees.

Indicating that the center has previous experience with some countries in foreign relations, providing training and implementing plans, whether workshops or competitions across the telecommunications network.

Furthermore, The English Department at QatarDebate has provided online training workshops to Princess Sumaya University for Science and Technology in the Kingdom of Jordan, to introduce the English debate program – the British Parliament system – at the request of the university administration and their desire to open an English debate department.


Adjudication of a remote debate gathered Kuwait, Jordan and Qatar

QatarDebate center’s ambassador from Kuwait, Fahad Al-Subaie and from QatarDebate, coach Saad Al-Assad and Bara Al-Ahmar have adjudicated a debate for Princess Sumaya University team.

Moreover, The center’s ambassador from  Kuwait, Fahad Al-Subaie, will provide an Arabic debate workshops, which will clarify the idea of ​​cooperating with the platform of that started in 2019 and were designed to teachers in order to use the debate as an educational tool, and with regard to cooperation with the QatarDebate as a platform for knowledge of debates, these workshops will be displayed on the center’s channel.

These workshops are an undertaking existing in schools, however, it needs to be managed and organized whilst presenting it from a distance, and this is what we are searching for to gain our goals.



Qatar National English Debate Team

The National Team, is the team that represents Qatar in the international English Debate competitions, has continued its training remotely with the center’s coaches with the equal enthusiasm, motivation to learn and full commitment.

Also, there are distinctive training for the secondary school team Qatar – the development team – where they are trained on the skills and application of the debates.

Amina Awartani, English Debate coach, QatarDebate said: “We have training for Qatari beginners aged 12-18 years, on the debate strategy, case analysis and argumentation, which started two months ago and is still ongoing however has turn out to be remotely, after finish their homework.”

She added: “The overall impression is good and the opportunity to meet with students was characterized by the creation and presentation of incentive programs that pay students attention and obtain greater results to win, by providing a program of applications that ends with a test to evaluate students. Indicating that the training workshops are flexible, but the distinction between the in-class and online is the nature of the presentation and the extent of immediate response sometimes.  Where we discover the absence of one of them for minutes and this is additionally one of the things that offers the trainees a new energy for follow-up exceptionally from the in-class workshop.”


Qatar National Arabic Debate Team

Mohamed Khider, Arabic Debate Coach, QatarDeabte, said:” the team has continued its training through distance learning tools, where students attended training workshops and group discussions without any obstacles, and debates were held among them via Zoom platform for remote conferencing services.”

Currently, the center’s coaches are working on arranging a set of joint debates with other debaters inside and outside the country.

The distance learning opportunity provided a chance to think of a set of digital tools that could benefit students such as sending, reading substances or viewing resources and asking interactive questions using the Edpuzzle platform among other.


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