QD Majlis at Western Kentucky University
July 4, 2021 0

A new platform for Debate students and Arabic language learners at Western Kentucky University

Doha – QatarDebate Center

QatarDebate Center – a member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development – launched the QatarDebate Majlis in Western Kentucky University, United States of America, in the presence of the President of the University and a number of dignitaries and representatives of the center, on Friday, June 18, 2021

Dr. John Sunnygard – Associate Provost Global Learning and International Affairs
at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, Kentucky, congratulated the university administration, QatarDebate Center and the students on the opening of this “Majlis” and said: “The Majlis is an expression of the long-lasting friendship between Western Kentucky University and QatarDebate Center.

“We look forward to exploring new opportunities in the future and collaborating with the center.” Dr. John expressing their happiness and enthusiasm for the launch of the “Majlis” and future collaborations with QatarDebate. Adding, “this is a generous gift that helps to strengthen the deep bonds between nations and cultures.”

Dr. John expressed how the majlis will be like a new home for the WKU community, saying: “It’s more than just that excitement of the moment of the debate, and then people go back home. This is home. This is the place where we will always have these conversations where we will always learn from each other, where we will always solve some of the problems of the world.”

Dr. Hayat Abdullah Maraafi, Executive Director of QatarDebate, said: “The Majlis is a new platform that overlooks the world through the United States of America, with a traditional Qatari footprint, emphasizes the role of the “Qatari Majlis” in spreading dialogue and convergence of ideas between generations, and discuss controversial topics that involve different opinions.

The Majlis is also a free space for Arabic language students and teachers and Arabi debate students to gather and connect and discuss various topics and issues.

Dr. Hayat added: “We will document through the Majlis the efforts of Qatar Foundation globally and the United States of America, Eespecially this year, as it is the Qatari – U.S. Cultural Year.

Mr. Abdul Rahman Al-Subaie, Outreach Programs Manager at QatarDebate Center – praised this beautiful initiative to open the “Majlis” and said: “The idea of ​​a Majlis at Western Kentucky University came to us after our visit to the university in late 2018, where the university administration suggested allocating a Qatari Majlis within the university campus with a view to strengthen communication between those interested in learning the Arabic language and debating in Arabic.”

“From here, we began to study the project and its future goals either at the university level or the United States as a whole, being a meeting place for the debate community and the Arabic language community in America and introducing the Qatari culture to them.”

Mohammed Al-Lakhan – QatarDebate ambassador to the United States
American said: “In 2020, the State of Qatar signed a number of agreements with the United States of America on the sidelines of the Strategic Dialogue, including the Declaration of 2021 a cultural year between the United States and Qatar, this year, QatarDebate started its tour in the United States of America in order to disseminate the Arabic debate culture, and the first station was here at Western Kentucky University.


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