The 3rd U.S. Debate Capacity Building Program
August 17, 2022 0

40 participants representing universities from across the United States prepare for the upcoming debate championship

Doha – QatarDebate Center

QatarDebate Center – member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development – concluded the third edition of the Debate Capacity Building Program in the United States to support Arabic debate programs, hosted by the Qatar America Institute of Culture during the period from July 30 to August 1 2022.

The program aims to prepare experienced adjudicators for the third U.S. debate championship to be held at Stanford University next October, as well as preparing coaches on how to provide logistical and technical support for running debate clubs and organizing debate activities.

With more than 40 universities from the U.S. participating, the program focused on establishing the foundations of debates and how to prepare for a championship, and one of the most important outputs of the program is to provide assistance to these universities in order to overcome some of the obstacles that debates sometimes face, and to prepare for the championships that QatarDebate is to organize in the United States.

The program was divided into two stages, an intermediate stage, and an advanced stage, which included a group of formerly experienced arbitrators who will be chairs the debate sessions. As for the people in the intermediate stage, they are from new universities in the Arabic debate arena, with little debating experiences.

There was a very beautiful echo among the participants and those interested, and the program was distinguished by the generous hosting by the Qatar America Institute of Culture.

On this occasion, Mr. Abdul Rahman Al-Subaie – Outreach Programs Manager at QatarDebate Center said – “Through the capacity building program, we seek to empower the debate community to create activities and institutions that support the implementation of future plans and link them to other programs such as study courses, seminars, and some projects and events along with the third American championship.”

The program comes within one of the effective goals of QatarDebate in the United States of America and in the world in general, which is to build community capacities to establish centers that play an active role in holding debates in the Arabic language while maintaining the quality standards adopted by QatarDebate both locally and internationally.
Adding, in general, our goal is to enable the debate community to add quality programs that serve the public interest and support debates in the Arabic language, all thanks to Qatar America Institute for Culture for hosting and cooperating.

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