The 2nd Asian Arabic Debating Championship kicks off today
January 29, 2023 0

Doha, Qatar – QatarDebate Center

The second edition of the Asian Debating Championship commences today, January 29th, 2023. Organized by QatarDebate a member of Qatar Foundation – a member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development – in Muscat Oman. Among the attendees are distinctive partners and representatives of different youth organisations, with QD representatives led by Mr Abdulrahman Alsubaie. After the immense success by the first edition of the championship held in Kuala Lumpur, this edition includes the participation of 165 debater representing 42 teams. Debaters will compete for 5 days between 29th of January until the second of February.

The championship includes training sessions prior to its commencement in addition to competitive rounds that aids the increasing number of participants, judges, volunteers this edition. The total number has reached 320 people representing 18 countries including: Qatar, Oman, Australia, Azerbaijan, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Malaysia , Pakistan, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, North Korea, Thailand, Vietnam and Yemen.

Judges include 75 judges mostly locals from Oman graduates of the training academy QD has conducted many training sessions in order to qualify them to participate in this championship, in addition to several members of QD ambassadors and Elite academy members. 

Qatardebate aims to bring together debaters to debate in Arabic regardless of their mother tongues, promoting dialogue and constructive discussions.


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