Al Anoud Al-Thani: Team Qatar is an opportunity to excel in debating
June 4, 2020 0

Al Anoud Al-Thani Team Qatar member talks about her experiences in debating

Team Qatar – The National Debate Team – includes youth with promising ambitions who are enthusiastic towards debating. Team Qatar members are eager to return to the debate classrooms and represent Qatar in international events, on this note we spoke with Al Anoud Al-Thani about her experience with Team Qatar and some of the skills and great memories she gained throughout her involvement with debating.

  1. Why did you decide to join Team Qatar?

    Team Qatar was an exciting and challenging window of opportunity that I wanted to be a part of so I can learn communication, public speaking and argumentation but more importantly because I wanted to have the honor of representing my country in a global, competitive arena.
  1. How did Team Qatar training sessions help you improve?

    Team Qatar along with the coaches, are like a family to me. The constant support, and being in a safe and welcoming environment that allowed me to make mistakes in the process of becoming better was truly what helped me improve throughout a short period of time in a way I never thought I could.
  1. Has the current COVID-19 pandemic affect your passion towards debating?

    Not at all. When all other activities in my life were shut down, debate remained a solid team and venture for me to dedicate myself to. My passion for debate has not wavered at all during the pandemic, it actually increased. 
  1. How has debating changed you personally?

    The debating experience really has changed me on a fundamental level. Learning how to overcome frustrations, work under time constraints and pressure and be a team player is a part of who I am today, that wouldn’t exist without debate. 
  1. Would you recommend debating to your colleagues?

    Definitely. Debate is one of the rare activities that builds your character and intellect at the same time, while allowing you to have fun. 

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