First stage of the Elite Academy concludes
September 29, 2019 0
Doha – QatarDebate


Elite Academy third batch organized and hosted by QatarDebate Center (QD) a member of Qatar Foundation (QF), at the student center, Education City, took place on September 21 – 26.  The six-day event featured 40 foreign participants from various countries.


Debate Tournament for Elite members
The tournament was a comprehensive application for the academy participants on debate and adjudication skills with the participation of QD ambassadors, Elite members were divided into two parts; round one featured some participants as debaters and adjudicators and in round two vice versa.
The participants emphasized the importance of the role played by the academy in developing their capabilities, debate skills, and Adjudicating debate, in addition, to contribute in youth training on debate skills as well as preparing to organize and judge in local and international tournaments.
The participants said: we have gained cultural and intellectual exchange, adding our active involvement in Elite Academy has also helped us to establish projects that serve the field of debate in our countries.
Commenting on “Elite Academy” The members said that participation in the Elite Academy is an important station for us, not only due to the information acquired and experiences gained, but in the feeling of being part of a team promoting the art of debate in our societies.


Gamal Al-Molky, Senior development programs officer, Aljazeera Media Training & development Center
Gamal Al-Molky has participated in Elite Academy as a Trainer specialized in the training of trainers to support and enable experienced people to transfer their skills in a way that affects the behavior of the target audience.
Pointing out that the skills provided by him enable the trainee to design training programs in a systematic manner and presented within the room in a participatory and interactive way to ensure the achievement of the course objectives by understanding the nature of trainees and their needs.


He added: “The most beautiful feature of the elite academy is this richness in terms of discussions between different cultures and is itself an investment that makes trainees better able to understand ideas.”
He praised the cultural diversity of the participants and how they can manage the dialogue and absorb the various opinions and criticisms.


Abdulrahman Al-Subaie, Head of Outreach Program – QatarDebate
Commenting on the “Elite Academy third batch”, Al-Subaie, said: QD ambassadors discussed the projects with the members based on their previous experience, post the tournament a mini workshop was held, included some tips for the participants and summarized the Academy program and the most important requirements to move to the next stage.
He pointed out that QD will send reports for members evaluation with follow-up on the implementation of their projects until January 2020, where they will be filtered based on elite academy standards and requirements.
He added: “The elite academy is a translation of the hard work that QatarDebate placed on developing and activating the skills of trainers and judges and giving the chance to young people to present their projects in their respected countries.”.




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