The finalists are ready for the 5th ISDC grand finals
April 7, 2021 0

Qatar to face Oman in the open category, Turkey and Malaysia in the AFL category and Philippines and South Africa in the English Category.

Doha- QatarDebate Center

The Sultanate of Oman team and the State of Qatar team qualified for the final after the going through the qualifying rounds in the fifth International Schools Debating Championship in Arabic and English, organized by QatarDebate Center, in its virtual version under the slogan “Our Earth, Our Refuge”

Teams qualified for the finals

The results committee announced that the teams qualified for the final for the Arabic language and non-native speakers

After the announcement of the quarter-final round for the qualified teams, the first issue for the first round for Arabic for non-native speakers was announced.

According to the draw, Turkey is team proposition against Mauritius team opposition / Thailand proposition against Malaysia opposition , and the issue of the first round for this category was “This council believes that developing countries should privatize state-owned companies” such as airlines, railways, and service companies.

The Turkish and Malaysian teams competed (Turkey proposition, Malaysia opposition) in Arabic for non-Arabic speakers for the championship title in the following issue: “This council will grant immunity to drug gang members in exchange for ceasing violence in conflict areas.”

As for the eight teams from the open category who competed in the semi-finals, they were “Libya against Kuwait / Singapore against Qatar / Sudan against Pakistan / Oman against Tunisia.”

These teams went into the quarter-final round on the following issue: “This council believes that countries should give more weight to the youth votes in the elections” – for example, counting the youth’s vote as two votes or one and a half votes.

Winning for the open category was “Kuwait – Qatar – Oman – Sudan” and moving to the semi-finals in the following issue: “This council will link the value of fines and violations to the individual’s income.” Team Kuwait will debate against Oman and team Qatar will debate against Sudan’.

At the end of the fourth day of the championship, it was announced that the Oman and Qatar’s teams had qualified for the final round, which would be broadcast on YouTube during the championship’s closing ceremony.

Semi-Final English rounds

South Africa qualified for the semi-finals – against the Hong Kong team, and the Sri Lanka team against the Philippines team in the following issue: “This council regrets celebrating members of marginalized communities who have reached positions of authority”. Example:  “Kamala Harris becoming Vice President”. Qualified for the final round on Wednesday is the Philippines team and the South Africa team.

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