Debaters discuss global issues at the international championship
April 6, 2021 0

Global issues that touches the community, were discussed in the debate rounds of the International Schools Debating Championship

Doha – QatarDebate Center

The activities of the third day of the Fifth International Schools Debating Championship concluded under the slogan “Our Land is Our Sanctuary”, which was organized by QatarDebate from 3-7 April virtually, by announcing the qualified teams for the quarter-finals of the first two open categories, including in order “1-Kuwait, 2-Qatar, 3-Sudan, 4-Oman, 5-Tunisia, 6-Sweden, 7-Pakistan”

The second category is the Arabic for Non-Native Speakers category, which qualified for the quarter-finals: 1- Turkey, 2- Malaysia, 3- Thailand, 4- Mauritius. They have competed in strong competitive rounds that keep pace with global developments.

All of the qualifiers expressed their happiness at reaching the quarter-finals, expressing their hope to qualify for the semi-finals, and stressing that the mobile phones gave them the ability and determination to adapt to analogy through cyberspace and compete strongly, especially since the issues of analogy touched the world with all the issues it carries. .

Virtual Volunteers – A new experience in the International Championship for volunteers

Turki Al-Suwaidi – Program Specialist at QatarDebate – We opened the door to volunteering after the decision to organize the tournament remotely. Initially, the number of volunteers reached 81 people, and filtrations, the number reached 44 volunteers, according to their experiences in debates and the volunteer system previously, but they need training on the ZOOM program.

Al-Suwaidi added: “During the training of volunteers, the center was organizing a remote session for the Path Academy, and since the participants have experience in dealing with the ZOOM program, we offered them to volunteer, and that was the beginning.”

We offered several workshops for old and new volunteers, and after the introductory meeting, we organized  A number of workshops were experimental exercises, and the idea succeeded in terms of challenges. It is fear as an idea that is applied for the first time, and frankly, by the end of the first day, we proved our ability and the tension disappeared completely

 With regard to virtual volunteering, I noticed speed in work, saving time and moving with the click of a button. In the past, we used to nominate volunteers of a certain age, but with virtual volunteering, the age was open, and we have a mother and a housewife who has proven her superiority in working remotely, and this is a positive thing, and if the experience is repeated, the age It will not hinder us in virtual volunteering, but on the contrary, an investment in the energies of some and enabling them to achieve their ambitions.

Global issues touching our society.

At this age, students were able to analyze and refute global issues presented at the tables of the United Nations, the International Court of Justice, social media platforms and others, including the Myanmar case, “This council believes that the international community should intervene militarily in Myanmar to overthrow the military junta”

Which provoked widespread controversy among the debaters in terms of their opinion and personal convictions, which, of course, is omitted from the debates dictionary, as the team supports or opposes the idea. The students presented arguments confirming the keenness of states to respect human rights and international humanitarian law

The Singaporean loyalist team tried to emphasize the military council’s brutality against its own people and human rights violations.

Stressing that democratic pressure from outside countries and the people is ineffective because the junta will not allow elements of democracy such as democratic elections in the first place where the junta is likely to lose. And relying on local democratic sponsors will not work because they are too weak. There is severe repression of the local population, and therefore external military intervention is required. There are long-term benefits to the intervention, which make the intervention necessary and effective.

The response of the opposition – Vietnam – was economic sanctions which are the best and most effective solution, and military intervention will not succeed, as the military force has a wide presence in the various elements of the state.

emphasizing that the military has decades of investments in the country, allowing them to get the power they possess. This means that they are less likely to falter under military intervention.

So, you wonder what would happen if we intervened? More violence and death than the current situation, and there will be a conflict that will last for years and will destroy the infrastructure of the country, not to mention that Myanmar is a diversified country and military intervention will divide the country into different sides, and thus will worsen the state of the state.

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