A fruitful discussion at the 4th episode of the Oasis of Dialogue
March 29, 2022 0

Western Civilization: One World, Two Realities

Doha – QatarDebate Center

In a dialogue that embodied the interaction of Qatari society with regional and global issues, QatarDebate held its fourth dialogue oasis, bringing together a wide spectrum of Qatari youth, a group of thinkers and academics, in addition to a number of decision-making officials, under the title “Western Civilization: One World, Two Realities”.

The oasis coincides with the high pace of global events associated with the Russian-Ukrainian war, so that the dialogue expresses many ideas circulated through digital platforms and social networking sites, in political arenas, and debates between elites and the media.

The Oasis discussions kicked off with keynote speakers; Ali Al-Dhafiri – journalist and presenter on Al-Jazeera, Dr. Ali Al-Sanad, assistant professor of Islamic studies from Kuwait – and Dr. Nayef Nahar Al-Shammari, director of the Ibn Khaldun Center for Social and Human Sciences at Qatar University, discussed the manifestations of Western duality and its roots, in addition to the popular dimensions of this, and the role and position of the media in practicing duplicity and promoting false urbanization, the dialogue also touched on the self-assessment of the Arab and Islamic worlds and the importance of confronting attempts to dominate the Western model.

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