The first one-on-one tournaments in Qatar comes to an end
March 17, 2022 0

Moza Al Hajri wins the “Let’s Debate” tournament title

Doha – QatarDebate Center –

Within the context of its tireless work methodology in modernizing debate methods, QatarDebate, a member of Qatar Foundation for Education and Science and Society, concluded the final round of the open competition “Let’s Debate” after various debate rounds with 100.

The closing ceremony began with a word of welcome from Nadia Darwish – QatarDebate Center: “Today we conclude a competition that broke the usual and ignited our enthusiasm again in the hearts of the debaters with innocence. Let us return today after he roamed the earth through its east to its west, from the ambassadors of the banner of logic and debate around the world, and we are all proud of the guardians of the Arabic language.

The two finalists for the final round, student Moza Al-Hajri from Qatar and spokeswoman for the loyalists Shaheed took first place and her colleague Reham Ishtiwi from Jordan, speaking as an opposition team, was in second place.
In the final round, the motion read “this house will punish countries that refuse to accept refugees.”


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