National Universities Arabic Debating Championship 2018-2019 season
April 16, 2019 0

Doha – QatarDebate Center

QatarDebate, a member of the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development, organized the National Universities Debating Championship in Arabic for the 2018-2019 season, which was held at Georgetown University, with the participation of four universities: Hamad Bin Khalifa – Police College – Qatar University – Georgetown.

The motion that were debated included: “This house will ease financial penalties on the poor,” “This house believes that the government has no right to withdraw citizenship from citizens,” “This house supports the rise of China as an economic superpower.

As for the final round, the two finalists discussed a very pressing issue, which is “this house will punish the media for spreading false news.”
As for the tournament system, it is a qualifier that ends with three rounds, from which the winner of the third place is determined, and the other two teams move to the final debate to compete for the title.

Qatar University wins first places
The title of the National Universities Debating Championship in Arabic for this season was won by Qatar University, which won the first, second and third places.
The tournament was characterized by strong participation and competition between the corresponding teams, the presentation of wonderful creative ideas and distinguished discussions, especially in the final round. The students also showed strong enthusiasm for the debates and their great appreciation for the center.
This was confirmed by Amna Al-Shahwani, a student of international politics at Georgetown University, who said: “Debate is one of the skills that strengthen our foundations of thinking and how to form arguments in any issue. It also helps us to develop and formulate articles that we write related to our specialization in the field of political science.”
She continued, “I trained in the Qatar University Debating Club, and from there it was the start to be one of the members of the Georgetown Debating Team. Therefore, I am now seeking to develop the University Debating Club with the team that enthusiastic about the idea after the tournament, and we will achieve better results next year, God willing.”
Appreciating the role of QatarDebate in qualifying and training students on an interesting debate culture, which gives an incentive to adopt a diverse point of view on the issues that are discussed,

A heartfelt thanks also to the coaches for helping the participating teams and training them well, and the evidence of the results achieved,
Regarding the issues, Amna confirmed that they are appropriate to the level of university students and within the field of their interests and studies, and this gave the tours a special flavor and pleasure in analyzing and refuting ideas and evidence.

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