“Let’s Debate” the first one-on-one debate competition in Qatar
March 10, 2022 0

Doha, Qatar – QatarDebate Center

For the first time, and with the aim of breaking the routine of debating in Qatar, 100 debaters from different age groups took part in the “Let’s Debate” competition which will conclude on 13th of March.

This individual competition, allows participants to rely on their personal-skills during the debate, and develop the idea of ​​communicating a sound and simplified idea, also what distinguishes this competition is the selection of the sides each team debates for (opposition or proposition) by agreement between the debaters.

The competition is directed to all members of society from the age of 17 to 35 years, whether they are previous debaters or new to the field.
The organizers of the competition allocated hidden and gradual issues from the easiest to the most difficult as we move up with the rounds.

Mr. Turki Mohammed Al Suwaidi, oversaw the organization of a competition “Let’s Debate”, adding that the idea of such competition was there since 2015, when I began to gather a base of alumni under the umbrella – Debate Alumni – with the aim of continuous communication, and now it was activated and was met with great desire and admiration.”

The competition and achievement are among the many achievements that QatarDebate has achieved during its extended career and reached the farthest corners of the earth.”

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