Jaber Abu Humaid

Jaber Abu Humaid

Debate Instructor

Jaber Abu Humaid, a debate coach at the Arabic programs department at QatarDebate since 2020.
Jaber has a leading role in designing, developing and presenting debate workshops, along with organizing local workshops and tournaments. Jaber also has a role in coordinating Arabic programs event and workshops within QatarDebate.

Jaber began his career in the debate field back when he was in the school stage and continued debating to the university stage. Throughout the past 10 years Jaber received various awards individually and with his team. Other than his debating experience, Jaber took part in adjudicating multiple local and international debate tournaments along with coaching debate teams.

Jaber has a wide range of experience in organizing debate tournaments and championships and the logistical aspects of it, as he was part of the organizing committee for many local and international events.

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