Mohammed Al Marri

Mohammed Al Marri


QatarDebate ambassador in the United States of America

A faculty member at Qatar University and a Ph.D. student in political science.

He started debating in secondary school and participated in local debate tournaments. His relationship with QatarDebate was established when he joined the debate club in Qatar University as a student in 2012, where he progressed vastly in the debate field.

He was chosen to be represent QatarDebate as an ambassador in 2018.




  1. Reached the semifinals with his team in the International Universities Debating Championship in 2015.
  2. Coached the Qatari team that won the International Schools Debating Championship in 2016.
  3. Supported QatarDebate in presenting multiple training sessions and workshops locally and internationally in the following countries (Kuwait, Oman, Lebanon, Jordan, Austria, USA)
  4. Supported QatarDebate in organizing various debate tournaments and championships locally and internationally.


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