Mohammad Khader

Mohammad Khader

Debate Instructor

Mohammad Khader has officially joined QatarDebate as a Debate Instructor in the Arabic Program at the beginning of 2021. However, Mohammad has been coaching the National Team of Qatar since 2019. From the time he was a university student, Mohammad was an active member of the debate’s community. He began as a debater in 2015 and then participated locally and internationally in adjudicating and organizing tournaments as well as delivering training workshops. In the past, he coached several teams such as Team Syria for the ISDC in 2018 and CMU-Q for the IUDC in 2019.


Currently, Mohammad is leading the organizing team of Path Academy, one of our most prominent initiatives that aims to incubate high school students from Qatar, Kuwait, and Oman. He also works on developing the Arabic debates curriculum, for training in general, and for academic purposes in particular. He is focusing now on lunching new academic and research-oriented projects. Moreover, Mohammad works closely with the outreach programs contributing to several projects such as social media campaigns and digital content creation.


Before joining QD, Mohammad was a fellow of Teach For Qatar where he worked as an Educator at the Ministry of Education, so he brings a rich experience and knowledge about teaching and developing educational programs for young students. He is also a lead organizer of several TEDx events in Doha as he was responsible for organizing TEDxQatarUniversity 2016, TEDxAlDafnaED 2017, and TEDxYouth@AlDafna 2020.


Mohammad holds a master’s degree in Digital Humanities and Societies from HBKIU where his thesis was about creating and analyzing the first corpus of Arabic debates. He also holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from Qatar University.

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